Choose the type of glass (i.e. Wine Glass, Low Ball Glass) and paint colors.

Paint Colors- choose from the following paint options- 5 colors included in each option

    Primary Colors- red, yellow, blue, white and black

    Secondary Colors- orange, green, purple, brown, and gray

    Pastel Colors- pink, blue, green, yellow and purple

Delivery Method- Orders will be available in 24 hours (based on availability) for delivery, shipping or pick up.  Pick Up is at the East Williston Studio between 10am - 12pm Monday through Saturday.  The studio is closed on Sunday.
  Local Delivery FREE- avail within 10mi radius from East Williston Studio
  Pick Up- at East Williston Studio.  
  Direct Ship- to recipient using standard shipping costs

Gift Wrap- Gift Wrap is $5 per kit.  If you are gifting multiple pieces in the same kit it is $5.  If you are gifting multiple pieces to be packaged separately it is $5 for each kit.  Gift Wrap can be purchased separately prior to check out.    

If you have any special requests or instructions please email us at

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