Graduation Collection

Looking for a great gift for your graduate?  

Paint a Pottery Bowl, Mug or Plate with your Graduate's name, college logo, special message for them to see every time they use it.  Why not paint a canvas with your graduate or as a special gift.


Canvas To Go Kit-  Each Canvas To Go Kit will include a 16x20 pre traced canvas, acrylic paint, brushes and table cover and step by step instructions

Pottery To Go Kit- Choose your pottery pieces and which Kiln Fired paint colors.  Kiln Fired Paint uses a water based non-toxic ceramic underglaze and pieces will need to be returned back to the studio (call us before you head over to make sure the studio is open).  Pieces will be Kiln Fired for a shiny and glossy finish and will be available for pick up in 7 business days after you drop off your pieces.

If you have a special college logo you wish to paint on your pottery piece, please call or e-mail us AFTER you place your order and we will print out the logo, include a piece of transfer paper and instructions & paint colors to easily replicate the logo on your piece.

Pottery Paint Colors- What color paints do you want for your masterpieces (primary, secondary or pastel)- Choose one.  
  Primary- blue, yellow, red, white, black
  Secondaryorange, green, purple, brown, gray
  Pastel- blue, yellow, pink, green, purple

Delivery Method- Orders will be available in 24 hours (based on availability) for delivery, shipping or pick up.  Pick Up is at the East Williston Studio between 10am - 12pm Monday through Saturday.  The studio is closed on Sunday.
  Local Delivery FREE- avail within 10mi radius from East Williston Studio
  Pick Up- at East Williston Studio.  
  Direct Ship- to recipient using standard shipping costs

Gift Wrap- Gift Wrap is $5 per kit.  If you are gifting multiple pieces in the same kit it is $5.  If you are gifting multiple pieces to be packaged separately it is $5 for each kit.  Gift Wrap can be purchased separately prior to check out.    

If you have any special requests or instructions please email us at
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