TAG- Light Up Wreath
TAG- Light Up Wreath

TAG- Light Up Wreath

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 Tag Your Tree!!

It's that time of year again!  Time to Tag Your Tree, Wreath and other popular holiday items!  Yes, we know Christmas is still a few months away but it’s never too early to start creating some beautiful holiday pieces!

Many of you probably have ceramic trees that you and your grandma painted years ago. Or maybe  you don’t have one, your grandma's broke (yikes!) and  you need a new one or you are painting one to hand down to future generations!

Now is the time to pre-order the vintage ceramic trees, light up wreath and other popular holiday items.  As we get farther into the holiday season stock tends to sell out and these items will not be available through our vendors, so we are offering them now!

How it Works:

Pre-order your pottery piece/s now and we will let you know when they have arrived.   You can have it delivered To Go to paint at home or paint it any time during open studio hours (call for reservation 516-385-2159).

If you have a family or large group that would like to paint trees/holiday items or you would like to schedule a holiday party that's great!   Please call us to make reservations.

It will take approximately  2-3 weeks to kiln fire your tree depending on available kiln space as these items can be quite large and take up a lot of room in our kilns!  In order to guarantee your items are ready by Christmas, items will need to be painted by December 14th.

Light Up Wreath- Product Description 

Our Light-up Wreath joins are large selection of light up items for Christmas!   This Wreath has a solid base so it sits nicely on any flat surface and is easy to stilt.  It comes with the same amount of pin light holes as our Christmas Trees, and the texture is perfect for our Glass Green Specialty Glaze, so stock up for all of our trees and the Wreath!   It also comes with an easy-to-use clip-in light kit!  7.5H x 8W


Finish- Kiln Fired or Make & Take Paint
  Kiln Fired paint uses a water based non-toxic ceramic underglaze and pieces will need to be returned back to the studio (call us before you head over to make sure the studio is open).  Pieces will be Kiln Fired for a shiny and glossy finish and will be available for pick up in 7 business days after you drop off your pieces.
  Make and Take paint uses a water based non-toxic acrylic paint you can use and keep your pieces at home
Paint Colors- What color paints do you want for your masterpieces (classic, secondary or pastel)- Choose one.  
  Classic- White, Red & Green (Kiln Fired Trees will be given Glass Green Paint which looks like clay when you paint it but will fire a brilliant glossy green!)
  White Christmas- White, Blue, Red & Green
Gift Wrap- Gift Wrap is $5 per kit.  If you are gifting multiple pieces in the same kit it is $5.  If you are gifting multiple pieces to be packaged separately it is $5 for each kit.  Gift Wrap can be purchased separately prior to check out.    

If you have any special requests or instructions please email us at littleartstudiony@gmail.com